this is an underdog story; a skinny Asian kid picked up weightlifting around August 2005, got serious about it, and now he’s trying to qualify for the US World Team in his lifetime get good

that’s pretty much it folks


6 Responses to “About”

  1. principlesofeffectiveaction Says:

    Brent: The new look is sharp. I like the artwork in your heading.

  2. thanks steve

    i think i’m using just about every photoshop cliche in the book with that header but for the purposes of this blog and with the color theme i have to work with i think it does the job haha

  3. selectivelysweet Says:

    Delusional is what you are. “Interesting” and “fun” are not even close. Complicated, bothersome, and irritating work better.

  4. […] Brent posted a similar story this week. People don’t like the fact that you have more health, more muscles, less fat, more money, better work, … They prefer to see you years later worse off than them. […]

  5. […] You Should Always Do The Exercises You Hate This is a guest post by Brent, author of a second […]

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