The Sport

there are two events in weightlifting

the snatch is about moving the weight from the floor to overhead in one motion

the clean-and-jerk brings the bar to the shoulders (the clean), and then you’ve got to jerk it overhead, it’s a two-part movement

it is hard to describe what these movements are like, but they are pretty sweet

doing these movements and the assistance movements that help you get better at them give you big traps and legs, which i totally dig

here’s the joke folks:

people ask me what i’m up to, what’d i do today

i say, “nothing,” because lifting in a gym does not count as doing something to most people

they say, “oh” and think i’m a boring fuck with no life

they are perhaps partially right

but the thing is, i’m not the one bored with life, i’m the one keeping the dream alive

fuck the rest of it


7 Responses to “The Sport”

  1. principlesofeffectiveaction Says:

    No doubt about it — weightlifting is an impressive sport – technically, physically and mentally.

  2. dblhelix Says:

    nice blog, I can feel your pain, I’m trying to get back into shape after peaking way back in 2002 when I was on the junior national team for canada

  3. brent Says:

    good luck! send me news when you’re on the senior national team

  4. grzegorzartsuk Says:

    brent…i enjoy reading your posts. i am trying to get back in shape, and i am also in weightlifting.

  5. brent Says:

    grzegor, glad that you like reading, and good luck with your training

    do you have a training log?

  6. grzegorzartsuk Says:

    i am new to this…so i am trying to feel myself around how to blog and such. one quick thing…i love your passion..and i know the ups and downs of olympic training. my training right to lose weight…i am 6’1 and 285…i am 48 with two knees with arthritis. i wont feel sorry for myself. my training will consist of elyptical, two olympic lifting days, which will be pw snatch, jerk off rack, back squat, and bench press. the other olympic day will be power clean, power jerk, clean grip deadlift, and front squats. i will do a third day which will consist of circuit training at the anytime fitness in town. I like it so far, because i can go in there at 1am if i want and probably do 30 to 40 minutes straight without being interrupted. I want to lose about 40 pounds, so i will do weights one day and elyptical or treadmill the next.
    i am really impressed by the weights you are lifting. Can i feel free to comment on your workouts…if i feel a comment coming on? I am a senior coach.

  7. brent Says:


    sounds like you have a full plate. hopefully your arthritis doesn’t hold you back, i’ve had some cartilage removed from my knee so i’m supposed to deal with it in the future too. keep at it, both for you and to prove to me that training can still be done despite inevitable aches and pains so i stop worrying about what i’ll do when maybe i can’t lift anymore.

    you’re not alone, by the way. there’s another lifter i know of who lifts at my school, his name’s David, i think a few years older than you, who got his shoulder scoped about six months ago. he’s been slowly easing himself back into things and the last time we met he was still improving, and i think after three or four months of relative inactivity he was finally able to press some light dumbbells overhead – baby steps. he wants to compete in Master Nationals next year, and i’ll bet money that he gets into good enough shape in time to qualify.

    we’re a rare breed, we’ve got to stick together.

    yes, definitely feel free to comment, i am sometimes not receptive to good advice (i have been told countless times to ease up or back off on the weights but i think you know how hard it can be to give yourself a break) but i do love talking about training.

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